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LK Creative

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Design Services for Small Businesses

Elevate your business to new heights

LK Creative is focused on serving small businesses… 

…to listen intently to find the best design solutions that fit within the constraints, to offer services that don’t break the bank, to build relationships that help to serve each other.

Whether your project is a simple design change on your current website or a full tilt rebrand with a 12-month marketing strategy and assets, LK Creative can help. And… it doesn’t have to be stressful. You’re (likely) not a designer and you shouldn’t be treated as one. The goal is for us to work together to help your business reach the goals you’ve already worked hard towards.

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Website Design

Capture and engage your audience

After all, your website is often the first thing a potential customer will see before purchasing a product or service. An engaging website design will help:

  • define the personality of your business
  • guide and engage users in the flow that is best for your business
    (like how your grocery store places certain products at the entry or before checkout)
  • encourage contact
  • create a positive interaction that stays with the viewer

Brand Design

Branding Services that set you apart

A business logo is an important step in communication, and it doesn’t matter how large a business is.

Corporations, small businesses and startups all need quality branding to communicate their values to their audiences. Your logo is telling the customer who you are, what you do, and how you do it.

Everything from typography, shape, organization, and color play a role in communicating core components of a business. And it can’t simply “look good” or flashy. It has to appeal to a target audience.

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Consulting & Strategy

Strategies to make you your client's hero

Creating and using a strategy is essential in our modern world. Every day more businesses are in battle for the awareness of potential customers. Unfortunately, simple awareness is not enough.

With needs and budgets in view, we’ll join together to create the best strategy for your current business – whether that’s in the form of SEO, Social Media, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or even traditional marketing.