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Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Increase Your

Brand Awareness

Website Traffic


Use digital marketing to increase awareness, engage your customers, and create more opportunities for your small business.

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Why Use Digital Marketing?

To Be Where Your Customers Are

How often do you use different apps and sites for different purposes?

Your customers are doing the same thing.

Using digital marketing where you’re customers are spending their time is vital, but it’s only the start of a great marketing strategy.

A Process That
Creates Results


We’ll start by looking at your business, your clients and your goals – both long-term and short-term.

This sounds simple, but we’ll be set for success by digging deep and spending some time in this phase .

Research + Planning

Equipped with knowledge from our Discovery phase will allow for a tailored approach for researching your target audience and goals to create a full-featured plan.

Depending on goals and budgets, this may look like a simple one ad campaign or a multi-level operation.

Prototype + Connect

Prototyping is essential to make sure all the images, content, layouts, colors, and more do everything possible to communicate the right things to the right people.

This is also the stage that will see needs for connecting various platforms and obtaining various account access permissions.

Launch + Optimize

Launching a campaign is rarely the end.

As data comes in, adjustments are made to make sure the ads are performing well and our structures allow for quality analytics.

Ready for Some Ad Results?

500% Increase

In Website Traffic

144% Increase

In Store Calls


Return On ad Spends

211% Increase

In online Orders

“Edward did an amazing job in creating my website!”

I had no idea what I was doing and relied heavily upon him to make something beautiful. And he did! Thank you, Edward, for your quick service and creative work!
Briana Busenitz

“His communication was great and he is very easy to work with!”

Edward so patient with my indecisiveness and inability to describe what I was wanting from my logo! His communication was great and he is very easy to work with!
Felicia Dierksen

How Much do Digital Ads Cost for a small Business?

How Much You Charge to setup & Maintain digital ads?

Well… it depends.

  • Are you needing a large or a small campaign?
  • How complex is the ad structure?
    Are we using a customer journey/funnel?
  • What platforms will be used?

A pre-discovery call can typically define many of these questions and give us a better picture of various pricing structures.

How Much does it cost to run the actual ads?

Well… that also depends.

  • Are we using a customer journey/funnel?
  • Will there be one platform or many?
  • How large of an area do you need to advertise in?
  • What industry are you in?

    Again, there are a lot of variables to sort through, but there is often a comfortable number within reach.

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