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LK Creative

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Custom Websites for Small Businesses

Your customers probably find you online first, make sure your website is representing your business well.

I need a new site

Building a website from nothing can seem like a daunting task.

But it doesn’t have to be stressful.

With a simple process of discovery and planning, you can have a beautiful website in no time at all.

I need my site updated

You already have a site and it’s checking all the boxes for your business…

Except, maybe, for one or two things.

No problem. Let’s get those things fixed to get things working for your business.

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laptop and mobile phone showcasing a custom website

Your Site,
Your Platform

Nothing here is proprietary. It’s completely yours and will remain that way.

The platform you choose is up to you, your needs, and your preferences. We can walk through any questions you might have and get direction on the best choice for you and your business.

The biggest platforms are well within reach for full site builds and small edits. If you have or are considering another platform, simply submit an inquiry and we can evaluate the feasibility of your project.

A Website Design Process That Creates Results


It would be difficult to run a marathon without knowing where to start, where to finish, and where the water is.

In similar fashion, there are some details that need to be defined to make the most efficient use of our time, budgets, and skills to reach your goals.

Research + Planning

Using information from the first step in our process, we move on to dive into any necessary research and begin to plan out what resources are needed, what needs to happen & when.

Think of this as looking at the route of the marathon and creating a strategy.

Prototype + Revise

Testing 1-2-3.

Prototyping is essential to make sure all the images, content, layouts, colors, and more do everything possible to communicate the right things to the right people.

This is akin to making sure your running shoes are comfortable.

Build + Launch

This is race day. The proper breakfast, the warm-ups, the stretches.

Now we start building on your platform. Making your site come into reality.

Occasionally we run into compatibility issues with platforms, but it’s rare.

“Edward did an amazing job in creating my website!”

I had no idea what I was doing and relied heavily upon him to make something beautiful. And he did! Thank you, Edward, for your quick service and creative work!
Briana Busenitz

“His communication was great and he is very easy to work with!”

Edward so patient with my indecisiveness and inability to describe what I was wanting from my logo! His communication was great and he is very easy to work with!
Felicia Dierksen

Website Design Pricing

Small Websites

Starting at $1,500

A great option for startups and smaller businesses that only need 5-7 pages.


  • Styles and layouts guided by your specific branding

  • Custom user-experiences to bring focus to the primary objectives of the website

  • 5-7 pages with templates for various sections and content types

  • Mobile-Ready design and experience

  • 3 revision cycles

Medium & Large Websites

Starting at $3,200

Small to medium sized business with multiple service pages, product pages, blog pages, or expansive portfolios.


  • Everything in the Small Site package

  • Multiple call-to-action sections for different services

  • Page templates for e-commerce products, articles, and/or portfolio project pages

  • 5-7 pages with templates for various sections and content types

Website Edits + Revisions

Starting at $80 /hour

Small changes such as adding pages, modifying the site navigation, adding more complex features to an existing site, and more.


  • Some changes can be more complex than expected – depending on the current site configurations

  • Some platforms may require additional updates and other work to allow for requested edits

  • Any unexpected needs will be assessed, communicated, and approved by you before starting any project

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