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Teal/maroon gradient design for the LK Creative logo with a box around "LK" and "CREATIVE" below the box.
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website design

man looking at a laptop on a wood desk with a coffee cup and an open notebook


LakePoint community was in need of an official website since their previous management company was sunsetting the page listings originally offered. The project was simple, but the timeline was short.

imac on a light wood desk showing an example of a custom website

OHC Gifts

Obsidian Home Creations was looking into an ad strategy to grow their business, but was timid since previous efforts weren’t as fruitful as anticipated.

open laptop between iphone and headphones on a glossy wood desk

Willie’s Car Wash

In 2022 Willie’s was developing a new app and needed their website to reflect their growth and professionalism – especially before the app launch or running Facebook ads.

open laptop in front of a plant and yellow coffee cup on a white desk

Tuttle Creek Outdoors

Tuttle creek outdoors opened around spring of 2022 in Randolph, KS. At the time of opening they were unsure of what, precisely, they would offer in store and how they wanted that reflected online.

open laptop, iphone, and headphones displayed on a wood desk with a white wall in the background

Mosaic Church

The goal of the final branding was to establish something that felt modern, gave a nod to tradition, and felt a bit… well… like a mosaic.

imac sitting between a lamp and plant on a light wood desk

Be Able Community

For a few months I had been working with Be Able on simple website updates, technical support, and a few other website related tasks. At some point the talk of an updated site and site structure came into conversation and it was agreed that an update was needed.

spark logo with a white flame cutout of the lower-case "a"

Spark MHK

Spark is a local “nonprofit organization with a mission to connect, develop, and promote new business and entrepreneurship.” They reached out to me hoping for an updated look that communicates more strength and energy from the design in addition to making the colors feel less disjointed.

hand holding a phone displaying a website

Emma Highfill Photography

Emma needed a website to balance a clean and clear design while still showcasing the personality and realness that her photography showcases for each of her clients.

woman looking at a laptop on a white desk

Shop Abby Kay

Shop Abby Kay is a locally owned Shopify store offering hand-made earrings and accessories.