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Teal/maroon gradient design for the LK Creative logo with a box around "LK" and "CREATIVE" below the box.

Pease Restaurant Artwork

artwork digitization

gold artwork on a black background

Phyllis Pease is an artist local to Manhattan, KS. She specializes in many things – from painting to textile and pattern work for repurposing vintage furniture – but was was contracted by a locally-owned restaurant to produce custom artwork to spice up the environment.

We started with a basic drawing she created, then I imported an image she sent me and got to work. After a couple rounds of revisions the digital artwork was sent to a local vinyl printer and the design was installed in the restaurant.

The primary goals of this project were to (a) maintain the branding aesthetic of the business and (b) to maintain a hand-made feel to the design. The latter was achieved by creating varied and inconsistent line weights, picking the right typeface (to also fit within the branding), and skewing the repeated elements.


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