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Vela Individual & Family Therapy
Branding & Website Design

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Heidi Vela needed branding to get her new adventure off the ground. She also needed a website. Before starting the project, we met and discussed the project scope, her target market, the business goals, and any design parameters & personal preferences she wanted to stay within. That one personal preference? Any color close to goldenrod. What was created was branding that spoke to hear target market with elements that suggest that life doesn’t always perfectly align, but it can still be bright, hopeful, and pleasant. The website was designed with the presentation of information as the core ideal. Nothing distracting. Nothing flashy. The end result is a clean and informative site for users to quickly obtain the information they need and to contact Vela Individual & Family Therapy.
I know another therapist who recently redid her website and spent over 5x the amount I did for very comparable outcomes.
Heidi Vela
Vela Individual & Family Therapy
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