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LK Creative

Teal/maroon gradient design for the LK Creative logo with a box around "LK" and "CREATIVE" below the box.
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general design

mhk arts & entrepreneurship logo in orange, yellow, and light blue

MHK Arts & Entrepreneurship

Several interest groups joined forces in spring of 2023 to host an event highlighting the opportunities and resources available for artists to make their passion into a sustainable career in entrepreneurship.

black circular sign with white bluestem bistro logo against a read brick building

Bluestem Bistro

I’ve worked with Bluestem Bistro for several years on various projects.
When their sister restaurant, Bluestem Grille, opened a couple of years ago I was asked if I could revamp the primary logo so that each business location could have cohesive branding. The primary goal was to give the new logos a clean aesthetic with an element of sophistication.

gold artwork on a black background

Pease Restaurant Artwork

Phyllis Pease is an artist local to Manhattan, KS. She specializes in many things – from painting to textile and pattern work for repurposing vintage furniture – but was was contracted by a locally-owned restaurant to produce custom artwork to spice up the environment.